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Lok Virsa (The National Institute of Folk & Traditional Heritage) works towards creating an awareness of cultural legacy by collecting, documenting, disseminating and projecting folk & traditional heritage. Surveys and documentation of traditional culture is central to the objectives of the institute. The Lok Virsa delve into and surveys are conducting by mobile recording and filming units. Dedicated individuals undergo the rigorous field work, to bring back valuable results to the central archives and production facilities housed at the Lok Virsa complex at Garden Avenue Shakarparian Hills Islamabad.

The promotion of folk heritage create more space for expressing diversity within our culture, asserting cultural autonomy and dignity and could contribute towards being a stronger democracy and a stronger nation.

Systematic inclusion of youth and their engagement in Systematic inclusion of youth and their engagement in exposure to progressive, creative and pluralistic traditional culture, through making our folklore relevant to them. Inculcate a deeper understanding of our identity and pluralistic past, entailing layers of cultures over centuries, amalgamating into a sense of robust present. Accentuate the diversity of folk cultures __ lifestyles, songs, music, languages, foods, geographical links and perspectives, intertwined in Pakistan’s folklore. Using internet, social media, as well as mainstream radio and television, as new grounds for Lok Virsa to disseminate its message. Making Lok Virsa a vibrant hub of expression, discussion, performances and coming together of ethnic communities, folklorists, performing artist, students and scholars, who would develop a high level of ownership of this platform and use it for collaborative programs.


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